Treatments of the itchy scalp or scalp folliculitis

James J. Latham

What is Scalp folliculitis?

Folliculitis is a common skin problem in which the hair follicles get red and swollen. Most of the time, a bacterial or fungal infection in hair is held responsible. Initially, it may look like small red bumps or pimples with white heads around hair follicles, which are the tiny pockets from which each hair grows. The infection can spread and cause crusty sores that won’t heal.

Symptoms for scalp folliculitis

  • Small red bumps or pimples with white heads form around hair follicles.
  • Pus-filled, crusty blisters
  • Burning, itchy skin
  • The painful, delicate skin
  • A large swollen lump or mass

Scalp folliculitis treatment

The treatment of folliculitis depends on what kind it is and how bad it is. Most of the time, mild cases can be treated at home. But doctor consultation may be needed for cases that are severe or keep coming back.

The doctor will prescribe you medicated shampoo and lotion to treat or overcome the infection, here are some of the scalp folliculitis shampoos  and cream are included:

1. CLn Shampoo

CLn Healthy Scalp Shampoo has sodium hypochlorite and salicylic acid in it to kill bacteria, get rid of dead skin cells, and help with itching on the scalp.

2. Nizoral A-D shampoo

Nizoral A-D shampoo contains ketoconazole. The antifungal formula makes a rich lather and cleans and refreshes your scalp. It also helps reduce symptoms like itching, flaking, and scaling.

3. Follicapil Shampoo

Follicapil Shampoo is responsible for cleaning your scalp and helping to grow hair. This mixture is made of natural ingredients that help keep the oil balance and health of the scalp in check. 

4. Scalpe Plus Shampoo

Scalpe Plus is a medicine that helps treat dandruff and fungus growth.  The main ingredient in Scalp Plus has been shown to be effective against the Malassezia fungus.

5. Salytar Scalp Solution

The keratolytic agent in Salytar Solution is mostly used to treat skin problems like psoriasis, dandruff, focullitis, and seborrheic dermatitis (scaly patches and red skin on the scalp). Salytar Solution helps stop the skin from getting hard, thick, and flaky. Psoriasis is a skin disease in which skin cells grow up to ten times faster than usual. This makes red, bumpy patches that are covered with white scales. So, it helps to reduce it.

6. Ketar Scalp Solution

Ketar Scalp Solution has both coal tar and ketoconazole in it. Ketoconazole is a fungicide. It works by stopping the fungus that causes dandruff from making its own protective layer, which stops it from growing. Coal tar is a keratolytic medicine that breaks up skin clumps on the scalp to relieve itchiness and flaking caused by dandruff.

To treat scalp focullitis condition consult with your doctor he/she will recommend medication shampoo and lotion, if it is severe then laser treatment is also recommended. You can buy these medicines at your nearest medical store or order through an online medicine store like Truemeds, which will give you a 72% discount and the best deal offers on your prescription medicines. They also provide free PAN India home delivery with minimum purchases of Rupees 500. You can also refer to their coupon code to get the benefits of an extra discount on medicated shampoo and lotion orders. 

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