This Kids Bike Seat Is a Total Game Changer

James J. Latham

Guaranteed the BabyBjörn Carrier made available some rapid-aha liberty of movement. And an off-street-prepared Bob Equipment stroller seemed to offer you a equivalent revelation: That having your little one with you does not absolutely limit your outside ventures. But for an energetic new father, no other single parenting product or service has provided the similar bang-for-buck, shared pleasure-for-minute-applied as the Mac Ride children bike seat.

Every single place that I’ve arrived by bike utilizing the Mac Ride with my daughter—whether it’s a park or a trailhead the place there is another parent who is familiar with how to trip a bike—yields immediate speculate: Huh, that is genius. How has no 1 thought of this form of bike seat sooner? Who would make that detail? Manufactured in Canada, eh? The quick conversations increase up, the place I’m not absolutely sure there is a parent product or service I’ve been requested about and encouraged additional.

What It Is

The Mac Ride is a saddle that suits just about each individual bike and expands to expand with your little one, beginning as quickly as you feel risk-free with them sitting down upright, keeping on and getting instructions (connect with it age two) until they hit 60 lbs. The saddle is positioned so your child rides just like you, instantly in entrance of your seat, feet secured in stirrups and fingers on your handlebars, suitable within your grips. Meaning, your little one rides securely among your arms without having crowding you or getting in the way of your pedal strokes. Your child’s excess weight is centered on the bike, dispersed just like yours—between entrance fork and seat post—where the bar jogging below the saddle is connected.

Setup needs the preliminary set up hurdle of needing to take out your handlebars and then replacing the headset spacer on your steerer tube with an involved modified spacer. Tighten the entrance clamp on to the spacer with the Allen essential bolt, then thumb-tighten the a few-level rear clamp to your seat article, alter stirrups to your kid’s leg height, and you are established to trip. There’s more substitute spacers so you can take out and shift the easy bar-saddle-stirrups method from bike to bike in your fleet, going from town cruiser or e-bike to your mountain bike. Yes, mountain bike. The full plan of the Mac Ride is your child is engaged in the trip the similar way you are, observing the path forward, absorbing bumps the similar way, in your arms and not slipping asleep strapped in some bucket at the rear of you.

Why We Like It 

I can recall (albeit fairly hazily) using in 1 of all those plastic buckets, staring at my dad’s sweaty back again, attempting to yell items to him he could not listen to. The Mac Ride offers you a co-pilot. You see the trip by means of their eyes. Suddenly you are playing ‘I Spy,’ listening to them scream with terror and pleasure even though racing down massive hills and, my preferred, hitting an more pace when huffing up steep hill sections the place a rested voice beneath you belts out, “Go daddy go! Go daddy go!”

The interaction is 1 essential part. The flexibility of the Mac Ride is another. It’s easy to take out the seat and just take it from bike to bike. Altering the saddle as your child’s legs expand is not fairly as effortless. But effortless sufficient: We’re conversing about a several twists of an Allen hex wrench (similar for pivoting the stirrups’ ahead place, so your kiddo’s toes do not hit the entrance wheel for the duration of turns). Altering the stirrup height is a thumb button, and rubber straps with numerous holes tighten feet down to different shoe/foot widths. Soon after a trip or two with these a easy, tasteful and efficient software for totting your little one in a way that is as snug and risk-free as it is partaking, other techniques to carry a little one on a bike trip seem to make less and less perception. (Test out #macridemore for additional evidence.)


Other than the minimal use of your brain for preliminary set up, it’s tough to locate a lot of faults in the style. The foot straps seem like they have to have 1 notch hole additional for tightening/adjustability, and also seem like the holes could give way if stretched too much (though I’ve had no troubles yet). But once again, the thought is you want your little one equipped to crack free of the bike with you, in your arms in the function of a crash, and not locked on to the bike anyway. You may perhaps also have to have an adapter if the involved spacer substitute is not a great in good shape.

Actually the only problem with this seat, nonetheless, is 1 of attachment. That is, your child may perhaps, if nearly anything like mine, conclusion up liking utilizing the Mac Ride seat on your bike additional than his or her individual strider or instruction wheels, resulting in some discovering setbacks to get them off yours and using their individual.

If that signifies an more calendar year of having that more go-daddy-go gear, I’ll just take it.

Mac Ride
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