Rheumatoid arthritis: Does pregnancy affect symptoms?

James J. Latham

Rheumatoid arthritis: Does pregnancy have an affect on signs?

Rheumatoid arthritis signs often subside all through pregnancy.

By Mayo Clinic Workers

Lots of women of all ages with rheumatoid arthritis, a disorder in which your immune system mistakenly assaults your body’s tissues, report advancement in their signs all through pregnancy. Lots of also report a flare-up of signs just after childbirth, ordinarily inside the to start with three months.

Researchers are studying why these changes happen. Mainly because women of all ages are extra probable than males to create rheumatoid arthritis, a person theory is that feminine sex hormones, estrogen

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Pregnancy and asthma: Managing your symptoms

James J. Latham

Being pregnant and bronchial asthma: Managing your signs

Asthma for the duration of being pregnant can pose well being pitfalls for you and your infant. Know how to avoid triggers and use medicine safely and securely.

By Mayo Clinic Staff members

Asthma is a long-term lung condition. If you’re expecting, bronchial asthma can have an impression on your well being and your baby’s well being. Locate out what you need to have to know about bronchial asthma and being pregnant.

Why is bronchial asthma for the duration of being pregnant a worry?

If you’re proficiently dealing with your bronchial asthma

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Common Skin Conditions During Pregnancy

James J. Latham

Route to improved very well becoming

Most being pregnant-connected pores and skin modifications are regular. Numerous have confined treatment alternatives and go absent on their own. Widespread situations include:

Extend marks

  • Signs and symptoms: Brown, pink, or purple streaks on your stomach, thighs, buttocks, breasts, or arms.
  • Cause: Skin stretching as your human body expands to help your expanding toddler. Most females get them.
  • Therapy: There’s absolutely nothing to stop them or make them go absent. Creams and lotions could support itching and keep the pores and skin smooth. Most fade over time but might never ever disappear completely.


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Pregnancy and obesity: Know the risks

James J. Latham

Pregnancy and obesity: Know the hazards

Involved about being pregnant and obesity? Fully grasp the hazards of obesity in the course of being pregnant — plus actions to promote a nutritious being pregnant.

By Mayo Clinic Workers

Acquiring a significant physique mass index (BMI) in the course of being pregnant can have a big impression on your overall health and your baby’s overall health. Come across out about the probable problems, tips for bodyweight gain and what you can do to promote a nutritious being pregnant.

What’s deemed overweight?

Being overweight is identified when your BMI is thirty or higher.

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3rd trimester pregnancy: What to expect

James J. Latham

third trimester pregnancy: What to count on

The 3rd trimester of pregnancy can be tiring and not comfortable. This is support relieving signs — and stress and anxiety — as your because of date strategies.

By Mayo Clinic Employees

The 3rd trimester of pregnancy can be bodily and emotionally complicated. Your baby’s dimension and posture might make it challenging for you to get comfy. You might be weary of pregnancy and eager to shift on to the following stage. If you’ve got been gearing up for your because of date, you might be unhappy if it arrives and goes uneventfully.

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