Blood Vessels in Lungs Split in Response to COVID-19

James J. Latham

Might 22, 2020 — A new autopsy review that investigated lung modifications in response to COVID-19 down to the genetic and molecular degrees has unveiled startling new facts about injury from the infection.

The modest review — which compared the lungs of seven sufferers who died of the flu, the lungs of seven sufferers who died of COVID-19, and tissue from individuals who died with healthful lungs — verified two factors analysis beforehand hinted at. Very first, the spiky coronavirus that triggers COVID-19 invades the lining of blood vessels, a tissue known as the endothelium. Second, injury to the endothelium

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Blood clots – Mayo Clinic

Blood clots are gel-like clumps of blood. They are beneficial when they type in response to an injury or a minimize, plugging the hurt blood vessel, which stops bleeding.

Some blood clots type inside of your veins without having a superior explanation and never dissolve the natural way. These may possibly involve professional medical awareness, specially if they are in your legs or are in additional significant destinations, these types of as your lungs and brain. A range of conditions can lead to this variety of blood clot.

May perhaps 23, 2020
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Could Umbilical Cord Blood Help Ease Autism?

News Picture: Could Umbilical Cord Blood Help Ease Autism?By Amy Norton
HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, May 19, 2020 (HealthDay News) — A review tests umbilical cord blood as an autism treatment has identified hints of opportunity added benefits for some youngsters — but the scientists say much much more perform is needed to get firmer responses.

The review, of a hundred and eighty little ones, identified that a single infusion of cord blood did not make improvements to social or conversation capabilities across the group as a full. But there were being optimistic symptoms in the subgroup of youngsters who did not have mental impairments: Their conversation capabilities improved,

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Blood Pressure Medicines Don’t Increase COVID-19 Risk

James J. Latham

May 1, 2020 — Drugs taken by millions of Americans to curb high blood pressure do not appear to increase the risk of either getting COVID-19 or having a more severe infection, according to the results of three large new studies.

ACE inhibitors, including drugs like lisinopril, enalapril, and ramipril, are the most widely used high blood pressure drugs in the U.S. Whether or not to leave patients on ACE inhibitors or another popular class of high blood pressure medications called ARBs, or angiotensin-receptor blockers, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has been hotly debated.

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Immunofixation (IFE) Blood Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

James J. Latham

What is an immunofixation (IFE) blood take a look at?

An immunofixation blood take a look at, also recognized as protein electrophoresis, measures specified proteins in the blood. Proteins enjoy many crucial roles, together with supplying power for the overall body, rebuilding muscles, and supporting the immune method.

There are two key varieties of proteins in the blood: albumin and globulin. The take a look at separates these proteins into subgroups centered on their sizing and electrical demand. The subgroups are:

  • Albumin
  • Alpha-one globulin
  • Alpha-2 globulin
  • Beta globulin
  • Gamma globulin

Measuring the proteins in every single subgroup can aid diagnose

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