November 28, 2022

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Some Meds You Take May Increase Your Blood Pressure

By Denise Mann
HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, Nov. 29, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Virtually one in 5 persons with hypertension may possibly be unintentionally getting a drug for a different situation that brings about their blood tension to climb even bigger, a new study suggests.

Still left untreated or undertreated, high blood tension will raise your risk for heart attack, stroke, kidney sickness and eyesight issues by harming blood vessels. Lifestyle adjustments this kind of as body weight loss, proscribing salt ingestion, and/or treatment can aid transfer your blood tension numbers back into the regular vary. But asking your health care provider whether or not any medicines you are getting for other circumstances may well be pushing those people numbers up is really worth the effort, the researchers said.

“The risk of [medicines] boosting blood tension may possibly be merely disregarded, significantly for people applying these extra medicines for numerous years,” said study writer Dr. Timothy Anderson. He is a clinician investigator and an assistant professor of drugs at Harvard Professional medical University in Boston.

“We hope our report aids alter this, as in numerous circumstances there are efficient therapeutic solutions to medicines that may possibly raise blood tension or methods to limit risk, this kind of as having people keep track of their dwelling blood pressures when commencing a new treatment that may possibly raise blood tension,” Anderson said.

For the study, the researchers reviewed information from the Countrywide Health and Nourishment Examination Study (NHANES) from 2009 to 2018. They appeared at the use of the medicines regarded to raise blood tension, like antidepressants, prescription-toughness non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs), steroids, hormonal medicines, decongestants and body weight-loss pills between persons with high blood tension.

The study identified that 18.5% of grownups with high blood tension reported getting a treatment that elevated their blood tension, and those people who did were additional possible to have uncontrolled high blood tension if they were not also on blood tension-decreasing medicines.

And persons who were on blood tension medicines were additional possible to need bigger doses to management their blood tension if they also took medicines for other circumstances that raise blood tension, the study showed.

What should you do if you have high blood tension?

Ask your health care provider if any of your medicines will affect your numbers, Anderson advised.

“It is constantly sensible to question your health care provider about doable interactions between new medications [like around-the-counter medications] and existing circumstances and solutions,” he said. “This is significantly correct for people who see several physicians who may possibly not constantly be up to day on their treatment lists.”

In some cases solutions are offered, Anderson said. For case in point, acetaminophen does not raise blood tension, but NSAIDs do. Each of these medicines can address ache and minimize fever.

The new conclusions were released just lately in the journal JAMA Inner Medication.

Dr. Michael Goyfman is main of cardiology at Extended Island Jewish Forest Hills in New York City. He understands how these kinds of points can transpire inadvertently.

“A variety of physicians and professionals do not automatically speak to each and every other, and usually their electronic well being documents do not connect with each and every other,” said Goyfman, who wasn’t component of the study. “As a result, people can be put on a whole lot of medicines by distinct companies, some of which are counterproductive to unique health-related difficulties.”

There are means to protect against these eventualities. “Usually carry the most up to date treatment checklist to each and every doctor’s take a look at,” Goyfman recommended.

Dr. George Bakris, director of the American Heart Association’s Detailed Hypertension Heart in Chicago, also reviewed the conclusions and agreed. “I would urge people who are prescribed medicines regarded to raise blood tension to test their blood tension at dwelling after a handful of days,” he said.

If your blood tension is elevated, contact your health care provider to come across out what to do following, Bakris recommended.

Far more facts

Understand additional about how to control high blood tension at the American Heart Association.

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