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What is a rash evaluation?

A rash evaluation is a examination to discover out what is creating a rash. A rash, also identified as dermatitis, is an place of pores and skin that is red, irritated, and ordinarily itchy. A pores and skin rash may also be dry, scaly, and/or unpleasant. Most rashes materialize when your pores and skin touches a material that irritates it. This is identified as make contact with dermatitis. There are two primary kinds of make contact with dermatitis: allergic make contact with dermatitis and irritant make contact with dermatitis.

Allergic make contact with dermatitis comes about when your body’s immune procedure treats a typically harmless material as if it were being a danger. When exposed to the material, the immune procedure sends out chemical compounds in response. These chemical compounds impact your pores and skin, creating you to acquire a rash. Common will cause of allergic make contact with dermatitis involve:

  • Poison ivy and linked plants, like poison sumac and poison oak. A poison ivy rash is a single of the most popular kinds of make contact with dermatitis.
  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrances
  • Jewelry metals, this sort of as nickel.

Allergic make contact with dermatitis ordinarily will cause itching that can be significant.

Irritant make contact with dermatitis comes about when a chemical material damages an place of pores and skin. This will cause a pores and skin rash to kind. Common will cause of irritant make contact with dermatitis involve:

  • Residence products and solutions this sort of as detergents and drain cleaners
  • Strong soaps
  • Pesticides
  • Nail polish remover
  • Body fluids, this sort of as urine and saliva. These rashes, which involve diaper rash, most usually impact babies.

Irritant make contact with dermatitis is ordinarily far more unpleasant than itchy.

In addition to make contact with dermatitis, a rash may be brought about by:

  • Pores and skin problems, this sort of as eczema and psoriasis
  • Bacterial infections this sort of as hen pox, shingles, and measles
  • Insect bites
  • Warmth. If you get overheated, your sweat glands can get blocked. This can bring about a warmth rash. Warmth rashes frequently materialize in hot, humid temperature. While it can impact people of any age, warmth rashes are most popular in babies and younger young children.

Other names: patch examination, pores and skin biopsy

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