December 9, 2022

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Quick Summary: Treating Gastroschisis (Gastroschisis Silo) (for Parents)

Gastroschisis is when a baby is born with the intestines sticking out by a gap in the belly wall close to the umbilical wire. Often, the intestines don’t match in the belly simply because they are swollen. If so, the surgeon commonly arranges the intestines in a bag called a silo to:

  • allow the water go out of the intestines so they shrink to regular measurement
  • allow the intestines to slowly and gradually shift into the belly

The care workforce slowly tightens the silo as the intestines return to standard measurement. Putting the intestines back into the stomach with a silo ordinarily requires about 3–4 days, but may possibly consider for a longer period.

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Date reviewed: January 2022