Prenatal nutritional vitamins: Why they make a difference, how to decide on

Wonder if you want to consider prenatal nutritional vitamins? Or what to do if they make you constipated? Get answers to these queries and extra.

By Mayo Clinic Employees

A healthy diet regime is the finest way to get the nutritional vitamins and minerals you want. But all through being pregnant you may possibly fall short on critical vitamins. If you might be expecting or hoping to conceive, prenatal nutritional vitamins can assistance fill any gaps.

Why are prenatal nutritional vitamins crucial?

During being pregnant, you want extra folic acid and iron than common. Here’s why:

  • Folic acid aids avoid neural tube defects. These defects are serious abnormalities of the fetal brain and spinal wire. Preferably, you’ll get started taking excess folic acid at minimum three months just before you develop into expecting.
  • Iron supports the enhancement of the placenta and fetus. Iron aids your body make blood to provide oxygen to the fetus. Iron also aids avoid anemia, a issue in which blood has a low range of healthy purple blood cells.

Which prenatal vitamin is finest?

Prenatal nutritional vitamins are accessible around-the-counter in nearly any pharmacy. Your wellness treatment company may possibly advise a precise model or leave the decision up to you.

Beyond checking for folic acid and iron, search for a prenatal vitamin that is made up of calcium and vitamin D. They assistance promote the enhancement of the baby’s enamel and bones. It also may possibly be effective to search for a prenatal vitamin that is made up of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, B nutritional vitamins, zinc and iodine.

In addition, your wellness treatment company may possibly suggest increased doses of particular vitamins based on the situation. For illustration, if you’ve presented beginning to a toddler who has a neural tube defect, your wellness treatment company may possibly advise a individual complement containing a increased dose of folic acid — such as 4 milligrams (4,000 micrograms) — just before and all through any subsequent pregnancies.

But in general, keep away from taking excess prenatal nutritional vitamins or multivitamins with dosing in extra of what you want on a everyday basis. Substantial doses of some nutritional vitamins may perhaps be unsafe to your toddler. For illustration, excess vitamin A all through being pregnant can potentially induce damage to your toddler.

Do I want to be involved about other vitamins?

Omega-three fatty acids, a sort of fat uncovered in a natural way in many varieties of fish, assistance promote a baby’s brain enhancement. If you will not take in fish or other foodstuff significant in omega-three fatty acids, your wellness treatment company may possibly advise omega-three fatty acid supplements in addition to prenatal nutritional vitamins.

When must I start out taking prenatal nutritional vitamins?

Preferably, you’ll start out taking prenatal nutritional vitamins just before conception. In simple fact, it truly is usually a fantastic idea for girls of reproductive age to consistently consider a prenatal vitamin. The baby’s neural tube, which turns into the brain and spinal wire, develops all through the very first month of being pregnant
— possibly just before you even know that you might be expecting.

Do prenatal nutritional vitamins have any side consequences?

Often the iron in prenatal nutritional vitamins contributes to constipation. To avoid constipation:

  • Consume a great deal of fluids
  • Involve extra fiber in your diet regime
  • Involve physical exercise in your everyday routine, as extended as you have your wellness treatment provider’s Okay
  • Inquire your wellness treatment company about making use of a stool softener

If these recommendations will not appear to assistance, request your wellness treatment company about other solutions.