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What Is a Pilonidal Cyst?

A pilonidal cyst is a fluid-stuffed sac under the skin in the lower again, in the vicinity of the
crease of the buttocks. Some usually are not seen, when other individuals can appear like a modest pit
or dimple in the skin.

They you should not normally induce troubles or need treatment unless of course they get contaminated. A
pilonidal (pie-luh-NIE-dul) cyst that is contaminated is termed a pilonidal abscess.

What Are the Signals & Signs and symptoms of a Pilonidal Cyst?

A cyst that is not contaminated may not induce any indicators. Someone with an contaminated
cyst can have:

  • pain, redness, and inflammation in the region of the cyst
  • pus or blood draining from a modest opening (termed a sinus tract) in the skin
    more than or in the vicinity of the cyst
  • a fever

What Brings about a Pilonidal Cyst?

Medical professionals feel that pilonidal cysts kind when free hair and dead skin cells get
trapped under the skin. When we sit or bend, skin in the tailbone region stretches.
This can induce hairs to break off. As a individual moves, the broken hairs and dead skin
cells can get pushed under the skin. The immune
treats the hair and dead skin cells as international, and kinds a cyst all over
them that fills with fluid.


Who Will get Pilonidal Cysts?

Any one can get a pilonidal cyst, but they’re most prevalent in youthful adult men.

A individual can be extra probable to acquire a pilonidal cyst if they:

  • are born with a dimple or pit in their tailbone region
  • commit a large amount of time in a sitting down posture
  • are obese
  • have a large amount of human body hair, in particular if it really is thick or coarse
  • have on limited outfits that presses on the tailbone region
  • have relatives customers with a pilonidal cyst

How Is a Pilonidal Cyst Diagnosed?

Medical professionals normally diagnose a pilonidal cyst centered on in which it is and how it looks
and feels.

How Is a Pilonidal Cyst Taken care of?

A cyst that does not induce indicators may not need treatment.

Treatment method for a pilonidal abscess relies upon
on how significant the an infection is. Property care with sitz baths and heat compresses can
deal with mild infections. If home care does not operate or the an infection is extra really serious,
medical practitioners may make a modest slash to drain the abscess. They may prescribe antibiotics
if the an infection spreads to skin all over the cyst.Cross-section
               showing infected pus- and hair-filled pilonidal cyst under the skin, with a sinus

How Can Parents Support?

To care for a pilonidal cyst at home:

  • Clean the region as directed.
  • If the medical doctor tells you to, routinely clear away hair from the region by shaving or
    making use of a hair elimination solution. Long term hair elimination, such as laser hair elimination,
    also may be an alternative.
  • Remind your youngster to stay clear of sitting down for lengthy periods of time.
  • Advise that your youngster snooze on their side or tummy, which can be extra snug.

If your youngster experienced a pilonidal cyst drained:

  • If the medical doctor approved antibiotics, give them as directed.
  • Transform or clear away the bandage as advisable.
  • Your youngster should not take a tub or swim till the medical doctor states it really is Okay.

What Else Must I Know?

Following the an infection heals, the medical doctor may advise surgery to clear away the cyst. Even
after surgery, pilonidal cysts from time to time arrive again. Maintaining the region clean up and cost-free
of hair can aid prevent an an infection and new cysts.

Date reviewed: January 2020

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