One Runner of Color’s Internal Monologue

James J. Latham

“When will I reach that large?” Many runners have questioned them selves this problem, but as actor and storyteller Christopher Rivas highlights in his small movie ‘Head On A Swivel,’ not all runners have equal entry to that feeling through a operate. The movie provides the thoughts and emotions of 1 runner of color, as explained to through Rivas’s internal narrative on an ordinary jog: the anticipation of racial profiling, the nervousness of social conversation, and the fear of unjust retribution. “I produced this piece in response to the killing of Ahmaud Arbery,” Rivas states. “I puzzled if disappearing into a runner’s large is at any time really doable when the entire body of color normally has to continue to keep their head on a swivel.” Rivas’ monologue in the movie questions which areas are protected and which “normal” acts are essentially perilous, but closes with a message of persistence and defiance: he retains managing.

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