Jason Momoa Isn’t on the Keto Diet. Here’s How He Eats to Get Ripped

James J. Latham

It could possibly surprise you to find out self-proclaimed purple meat lover Jason Momoa isn’t on the paleo or keto food plan. What is not a surprise is he’s a significant freaking guy—especially if your very first Momoa sighting was the actor as Khal Drogo, a Dothraki khalasar chieftain in Video game of Thrones. If that is the situation, you’ve constantly had the perception of Momoa currently being a mammoth human. Standing at 6’4″, the actor’s got an imposing frame—and adding slabs of muscle mass doesn’t choose a gargantuan hard work. If you’re curious how the actor trains to turn out to be a superhero the likes of Aquaman and stay limber on the reg, check out Warrior Exercises: Jason Momoa’s Coach Shares the Solution Sauce of Shaping a Superhero. That said, Momoa’s coach and healer, Damian Viera, does have Momoa clear up his act to get that shrink-wrapped glance for blockbusters like Aquaman.



How Jason Momoa Eats to Get Skin-to-Muscle mass Ripped for Films

“With Jason, he’s not seeking to shed body weight,” Viera states. “He previously operates in between 15 to18 percent physique excess fat. So, from there, I know we can get to our excellent ten percent in about two or a few weeks.” Obviously education plays a massive function, but Viera is in a position to have an impact on the physiology to a higher degree of precision with nourishment before and for the duration of filming.

To preserve superhero physique, Viera manages Momoa’s macros ratios in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, so he receives the fuel he wants to get the operate done without having surplus still left in the physique at night that’ll turn out to be saved fats.

“Carbs are a extremely critical portion of the nourishment employed for fuel,” clarifies Viera. “Jason could not do some thing like a ketogenic food plan, mainly because he wants quickly charged vitality from carbs to be explosive. And when I say carbs, I’m not conversing about breads and pastas—those are prolonged absent. I’m conversing about cruciferous greens and fruits. You can not practice the way we do with excess fat for fuel you have to have the carbs for explosive movements.”

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