Is Your Hand Sanitizer on FDA’s List of Products You Should Not Use?

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A single of the most effective strategies to reduce the unfold of COVID-19 is to clean your fingers with cleaning soap and drinking water. If cleaning soap and drinking water are not available, the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance (CDC) recommends using an alcohol-primarily based hand sanitizer that incorporates […]

A single of the most effective strategies to reduce the unfold of COVID-19 is to clean your fingers with cleaning soap and drinking water. If cleaning soap and drinking water are not available, the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance (CDC) recommends using an alcohol-primarily based hand sanitizer that incorporates at least sixty p.c ethanol (also regarded as ethyl alcohol). 

The Fda regulates hand sanitizer as an above-the-counter drug, available without the need of a prescription. We exam hand sanitizers for quality simply because it is a product or service we control. We found serious protection problems with some hand sanitizers for the duration of new screening, like:

  • Contamination with likely toxic forms of alcohol
  • Not enough energetic ingredient (ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol)
  • Labels with untrue, misleading, or unproven claims 

Some hand sanitizers have been recalled and there are much more than 150 hand sanitizers the Fda recommends you end using appropriate absent.

Examine the FDA’s Do-Not-Use List

In advance of you purchase hand sanitizer or use hand sanitizer you have at residence, the Fda recommends examining our do-not-use list at and drug We update the list routinely as new exam final results are released. Bookmark the list in your world wide web browser so that you can check every hand sanitizer before using it.

How to Search FDA’s Hand Sanitizer Do-Not-Use List

  1. Go to and drug
  2. Click on or faucet on the pink button that says, “Hand sanitizers individuals really should not use.”
  3. Scroll down the web site to the lookup box at the leading of the do-not-use list.
  4. Working with the data on the hand sanitizer label, type 1 of the next in the lookup box:
    • Merchandise or brand title
    • Maker, or the company that manufactured the product or service (could not be incorporated on the product or service label)
    • Distributor, the company that delivers the product or service to industry
    • NDC or Countrywide Drug Code selection (could not be incorporated on the product or service label)
  5. Do not use any hand sanitizer created by brands on the list.

If the producer is not mentioned on the label, get hold of the distributor to obtain out who manufactured the product or service. If the distributor refuses to clarify this data when you get hold of them, the Fda recommends not using the product or service.

Use our move-by-move tutorial to lookup the do-not-use list at and drug

If Your Hand Sanitizer Is on the Do-Not-Use List

If you have a hand sanitizer on the do-not-use list, or 1 created by a producer on the list, end using it promptly. Toss it absent in a dangerous waste container, if you can. Do not flush or pour the product or service down the drain or combine it with other liquids. If you do not have dangerous waste disposal wherever you reside, get hold of your trash or recycling company or your neighborhood authorities to inquire wherever you can get rid of dangerous waste.

Methanol and one-Propanol Are Poisonous

There are many forms of alcohol. Only ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol (also regarded as 2-propanol) are suitable alcohols in hand sanitizer. Other forms of alcohol, like methanol and one-propanol, are not suitable in hand sanitizer simply because they can be toxic to people. Current Fda protection screening found some hand sanitizers contaminated with these likely toxic forms of alcohol.

Style of Alcoholic beverages Other Prevalent Names Suitable Hand Sanitizer Ingredient?
Ethyl ✓ Certainly
Isopropyl ✓ Certainly
Methyl X No
one-Propyl X No

Methanol Toxicities

Methanol or methyl alcohol, also regarded as wooden alcohol, is utilised to make rocket gas and antifreeze and is pretty toxic. Methanol really should never ever be rubbed on your skin or swallowed. Swallowing or drinking hand sanitizers contaminated with methanol can induce serious wellbeing troubles, like everlasting blindness, and death. The CDC internet site has much more data about people today who died or had been completely blinded immediately after swallowing hand sanitizer contaminated with methanol.

one-Propanol Toxicities

one-Propanol or one-propyl alcohol is utilised to make industrial solvents (a type of cleaner) and can also be toxic to people when swallowed. Swallowing or drinking a hand sanitizer with one-propanol can result in lessened respiration and coronary heart amount, amongst other serious indications, and can guide to death. Hand sanitizer with one-propanol contamination can irritate your skin (or eyes, if uncovered). Despite the fact that it is unusual, some people today have claimed allergic skin reactions. 

In no way Swallow Hand Sanitizer

You really should never ever swallow or consume any type of hand sanitizer simply because you can get alcohol poisoning. Little ones are at larger threat of accidentally swallowing hand sanitizer, and thanks to their lesser body size, are at large threat for wellbeing troubles immediately after swallowing hand sanitizer. 

It is unachievable to know from on the lookout at the hand sanitizer if it is contaminated with a pretty toxic type of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages poisoning, from any type of alcohol, can induce serious wellbeing troubles or death. If another person swallows hand sanitizer connect with Poison Control promptly at one-800-222-1222 to get help.

Examine the Label

Usually hand sanitizers contaminated with likely toxic forms of alcohol, these as methanol or one-propanol, do not have the toxic ingredient mentioned on the label. However, if methanol or one-propanol is mentioned on your hand sanitizer label, you really should end using it promptly and set it into a dangerous waste container.

Fda exam final results also showed some hand sanitizers experienced a great deal reduce degrees of energetic ingredient than mentioned on the label. The CDC recommends alcohol-primarily based hand sanitizers have at least sixty% ethyl alcohol (occasionally mentioned as “alcohol” on the label). Fda screening uncovered some hand sanitizers that have concerningly lower degrees of these energetic ingredients. In the “Product status” column of the do-not-use list, these products are called “subpotent.”

Fake or Deceptive Label Statements

For the duration of the coronavirus pandemic the Fda has observed some untrue or misleading claims on hand sanitizer labels. In advance of you purchase hand sanitizer you really should know that no hand sanitizer has been proven to:

  • Avoid the unfold of COVID-19
  • Shield you from viruses or germs for a selected period of time, these as 24-several hours

No consumer hand sanitizer is Fda-permitted, so any product or service that would make this assert is not trusted.

Alert Little ones and Teens About Hand Sanitizer

Considering the fact that the start off of the COVID-19 pandemic, calls to poison centers nationwide have enhanced simply because children have accidentally swallowed hand sanitizer that could glimpse like candy or a sweet consume. Swallowing hand sanitizer can induce alcohol poisoning, serious wellbeing troubles, and death. 

Inform children and teens that no 1 really should swallow hand sanitizer for any rationale and that it is unachievable to notify if hand sanitizer is contaminated just from on the lookout at it or using it. Call 911 or Poison Control at one-800-222-1222 promptly if another person swallows hand sanitizer of any type.

Hand Sanitizer and Pets Do Not Mix

Retain hand sanitizer absent from pets and never ever use it on your pet’s paws or skin, as this can induce alcohol poisoning, serious wellbeing troubles, and death. If your pet receives hand sanitizer on their skin or accidentally ingests it (these as by chewing the bottle), get hold of your veterinarian or an animal poison command services promptly. 

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