Is a High-Fat Diet Best for Runners and Endurance Athletes?

James J. Latham

Masking 26.2 miles is extraordinary no issue how quick you operate, but those who excel have a magic formula weapon: the capacity to burn off body fat for gasoline. Researchers at Shanghai University of Sport adopted elite male runners in their 20s and 30s right before and after functioning a sub-3-hour marathon. Their fat burning capacity of carbs and fat amplified write-up-race, exhibiting their bodies can switch from applying conveniently accessible carbs to tougher-to-faucet lipids for power. That matters mainly because your human body can only shop so many carbs, which is why many runners “bonk” around Mile 20. To make the switch, below-gasoline oneself with carbs on extended teaching runs, forcing your human body to faucet into body fat reserves for power, and think about a substantial-body fat diet regime.

In a individual examine, taking in a substantial-body fat diet regime of 71 per cent body fat (like the keto diet regime) for 6 months led to a 50 per cent enhance in elite runners’ capacity to metabolize body fat.

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