Gram Stain: MedlinePlus Medical Test

James J. Latham

What do the results signify?

Your sample will be positioned on a slide and addressed with the Gram stain. A laboratory qualified will take a look at the slide less than a microscope. If no microbes have been identified, it implies you in all probability do not have a bacterial an infection or there weren’t adequate microbes in the sample.

If microbes have been identified, it will have selected features may well offer critical information and facts about your an infection:

  • If the microbes was colored purple, it implies you probably have a Gram-constructive an infection.
  • If the microbes was colored pink or red, it implies you probably have a Gram-negative an infection.

Your results will also include information and facts about the shape of the microbes in your sample. Most microbes are either spherical (recognised as cocci) or rod-formed (recognised as bacilli). The shape can offer far more information and facts about the form of an infection you have.

Whilst your results may well not discover the precise form of microbes in your sample, they can assist your service provider get closer to locating out what’s causing your illness and how finest to take care of it. You may well need to have far more exams, these as a microbes tradition, to confirm what form of microbes it is.

Gram stain results may well also show no matter whether you have a fungal an infection. The results may well show what category of fungal an infection you have: yeast or mildew. But you may well need to have far more exams to come across out which distinct fungal an infection you have.

If you have issues about your results, discuss to your health and fitness treatment service provider.

Study far more about laboratory exams, reference ranges, and comprehending results.

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