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Divorce Mediation in Lehi: How It Can Benefit You and Your Spouse

How Lawyers Can Help in Divorce Mediation - FindLaw

If you and your spouse opt for divorce mediation, you both meet with a neutral mediator to discuss how you want your divorce to be finalized. Mediation sessions happen in an informal setting.  The mediator wants to help the divorcing couple facilitate a fair settlement of the divorce issues such as asset division, child support and custody, debt division, as well as spousal support. A mediator can be a Lehi family law attorney who will draft a parental plan or marital settlement that confirms both spouses agree upon the terms of the divorce. Here are the benefits of divorce mediation:

Navigate Complex Issues with Professional Help

If you and your spouse have complex divorce issues you need to address or cannot agree on divorce terms, you should consider mediation. A mediator can help you explore an amicable resolution to your issues. Especially if you have children, plenty of debt to split, lots of marital assets to divide, and have a child who has special needs, you may need guidance to resolve such matters. A skilled mediator will work through each detail with both of you and offer potential solutions for your issues. 

Have Control Over the Outcome

Mediation helps you and your spouse reach an agreement. Thus, it lets you control your future rather than letting a judge makes decisions for you. The mediation process can help determine your divorce’s outcome. Family judges handle a lot of cases every day and have limited time to think about every family that appears in court. Meanwhile, mediation allows you to dive into family issues and develop solutions that a court may not be able to offer.

Move at Your Pace

In divorce litigation, your hearing dates depend on the availability of the court. As family courts handle thousands of cases regularly, your case may take months or even years to be heard and resolved. But mediation allows you to proceed at your pace. You and your spouse can set the meeting dates and times. 

Save Money

When you file for divorce that involves solving issues of child custody and support, spousal support, as well as debt and property division, you and your spouse must hire attorneys to help you achieve the outcomes you both desire. With a lot of issues to be resolved, your respective attorneys’ fees will add up. But in divorce mediation, you only pay one mediator fee. And you pay just an hourly rate whenever you meet with your divorce mediator.