November 28, 2022

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Cremation: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Death is itself a sad incident in any family. Moreover, if there is a death in your family, you might be in a dilemma as to whether you should opt for cremation with services or burial.

 If you know the wishes of the departed soul, it will be more convenient for you, and there will be nothing to worry about. But if such provision is unavailable in advance, things can become a bit more complicated for you and the other surviving members.

The Catholic funeral service has become more popular in recent years for some definite reasons.

Cremation with services: its brighter side

Let’s examine these reasons to clarify all your doubts about the catholic funeral service.

  1. It is more convenient.

Cremation with services is more therapeutic rather than burial or direct cremation. The remembrance ceremony will be more comforting than the latter. 

After all, these allied services are done to ease the pain that you are going through due to the loss of a dear family member.

Moreover, viewing or memorial service gives space to your peers and family members to commemorate the deceased’s life and give them a chance to sympathise with you.


  1. Less expensive option

It is more affordable for you to choose the cremation service instead of a traditional catholic funeral.

You get the scope to avoid costs like casket, gravesite, cemetery fee, and headstone costs.

  1. Eco-friendly option

During the regular funeral service, you will have to bury the deceased’s body during the regular funeral service. But in cremation, no land will be disturbed for burial purposes.

  1. Portability

Many times different family members may be located in separate faraway places. 

Cremation can be a viable choice in such situations as the remains of the deceased can be kept in urns and later buried or even disposed of in the sea. 

Hence, due to these positive factors, cremation in a catholic funeral is preferred these days.

The other side of the cremation services

There is a dark side to every aspect. And similarly, even cremation with services has some drawbacks like:

  • Cremation is not available everywhere

The presence of a funeral home is essential to conduct the whole ceremony. At times you may find that some communities do not have this facility. Hence, formalities like funeral wake can be affected or not performed due to this problem. 

  • Reaching an agreement is difficult

Not every family will agree with your notion of cremation. There might be a difference of opinion, especially if such family members have a strong religious belief and adhere to traditional services.

 In such cases, the associated costs, like an expensive decorative casket, embalming, funeral home fees, headstone or grave marker installation, etc., can add to your expenses.

Hence, there are many factors to be considered for a funeral wakeIt is not as simple as it seems to you initially. You ought to look from the macro perspective to reach a solution.