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Beginner Triathlon Training: Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Triathlon


On the lookout to sign up for your initially triathlon? We share every little thing you need to have to know about novice triathlon coaching and racing—from gear essentials and nutrition principles to mental prep and recommendations for hiring a coach—to assistance you have a thriving initially triathlon. This report was created by Holly Bennett, with contributions from the Triathlete editors.

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What Are Your Novice Triathlon Teaching and Racing Targets?

As part of your intro to the activity, think about why you are taking up triathlon to commence with and what you hope to obtain from the novice triathlon coaching experience. Are you determined purely by the wish to have fun and increase your social circle? Are you looking for a health and fitness kick in the pants to fight the bulge of middle age? Were you impressed by media coverage of a seemingly unachievable pursuit? Are you an athletic form by now, aiming to be a serious contender? What ever your motives at the start off, formulating your objectives and priorities will assistance you plan a race season greatest suited to your wants and strengths.

As you peruse race calendars looking for critical gatherings, think about a number of variables and options. Local races are probably to be packed with good friends and loved ones for these who thrive on race-day assist, whilst place vacation races can be a one of a kind and amazing way to examine international lands and cultures, albeit somewhat exterior your ease and comfort zone. Also just take into account components these as altitude (can you tolerate oxygen deprivation, or are you superior off at sea level?), climate (will you carry out greatest in hot or great temperatures, and in a dry or humid weather?) and the class itself (do you favor an ocean or fresh new-drinking water swim, and a hilly or flat class?). Determine how significantly time you can allot to coaching and racing, and be proactive in communicating your programs with your partner or loved ones. Involving these closest to you in your newfound activity and staying genuine about the anticipated time dedication will go a long way towards preventing concerns of stress and resentment that can build if an athlete’s aim on triathlon coaching turns into obsessive.

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The Novice Triathlon Teaching Gear You are going to Want

Part of beginner triathlon training is putting together the right gear.
Portion of novice triathlon coaching is putting jointly the ideal gear. Photo: Lukas Schulze/Getty Visuals

Though triathlon racing and triathlon coaching does call for a ton of gear, it doesn’t have to split the bank—especially when you are initially getting begun. Odds are, right until you have a reliable season or two of triathlon coaching and racing under your belt, you in all probability won’t know what top rated-conclude gear greatest suits your wishes and requires anyway. Get started on the frugal conclude with next-hand items, then up grade as your skill and experience needs. Craigslist, eBay and even your nearby bicycle shop can be good means for carefully applied devices, as are classified boards or boards on your nearby tri club’s site. Or, write-up what you are looking for through social media and it’s possible you will encourage a different athlete to up grade their own beloved bicycle or wetsuit, allowing for you the reward of a well-cared-for hand-me-down. Seem for conclude-of-product-yr revenue on bikes if you are intent on purchasing new.

For the Swim

Your race kit (possibly top rated and bottom or a single-piece) is the outfit you will use all through the swim, bicycle and run—it’s specially created for triathlon for the reason that it’s designed of a substance that will dry quickly after the swim, and has a built-in chamois that will make the bicycle journey much more snug but is not thick ample to make you come to feel like you are putting on a diaper on the operate. Choose one thing snug-fitting (it will extend when soaked) with ample rear pockets to hold electrical power gels and any other race-critical items (for case in point, a rescue inhaler if you are asthmatic). Beware of any irritating seams that can guide to distressing chafing all through a race. If you plan on competing anyplace moreover the tropics, a triathlon-specific wetsuit (locate our picks for for adult men and girls), created for swimming mobility and buoyancy, is essential. Preferably, just take a take a look at swim at a demo celebration to truly get a come to feel for how the accommodate fits in the water—it’s assured to come to feel also restricted on dry land. A pair of goggles that flawlessly seal to your facial area (take a look at the seal in-retailer ahead of you obtain) is the only other swim will have to-have.

For the Bicycle

A bicycle is probably the single biggest triathlon obtain you will ever make. Concentration much more on ease and comfort and healthy as opposed to aerodynamics as a novice triathlete to promise you get pleasure from the journey. Get started with Retül’s Body Finder technologies ( to figure out the suitable product and dimension for you, then search for it next-hand. In no way mount your bicycle devoid of a helmet, requisite security gear for any race. Sunglasses are also critical to keep your eyes protected from traveling insects and street particles. If you want to make little upgrades, the upcoming measures could possibly be a new saddle, which can good-tune the ease and comfort level of almost any steed or bicycle shoes and cleats with corresponding pedals, which will join you further to your bicycle and give you the reward of the upward portion of the pedal stroke.

Great to know
As part of your novice triathlon coaching, think about it mandatory to master fundamental bicycle upkeep competencies these as modifying a flat tire and minor derailleur changes. Many biking shops or group training applications present bicycle upkeep lessons, giving an priceless and straightforward-to-understand skill established to keep you from staying stranded all through coaching or a race.

For the Operate

Operate shoes are your only extra need to have for triathlon’s ultimate leg—the exact types you’d activity for any 10K. A straightforward, affordable up grade that will keep your tri kit totally free of security pin holes is a race belt to hold your number.

Great to know
Though a triathlon-specific (TT) bicycle or clip-on aerobars are not critical from the get-go, you will occur to appreciate them in excess of time. Established your bicycle up on a stationary trainer ahead of you hit the open street, allowing for you to exercise getting snug in the aero place and clipping in and out of your pedals to prevent the dreaded “turtle” suggestion-in excess of.

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Novice Triathlon Teaching Restoration Guidelines

As part of beginner triathlon training, don't neglect recovery!
As part of novice triathlon coaching, do not neglect recovery! Photo: Brad Kaminski

Restoration is as vital a part of triathlon coaching as swimming, biking and jogging. “I like to view recovery as a part of your coaching plan. It should not be an afterthought, but a catalyst to assistance you improve the yield from the really hard perform you put into coaching,” mentioned Matt Dixon, founder and head mentor of Purplepatch Fitness. “No make a difference how really hard you train, you will not arrive to race day well prepared to excel devoid of effectively integrated recovery.” Dixon clarifies that recovery is not as straightforward as lying on the sofa or taking a day off from exercising. He groups recovery into a few main locations, the initially staying a coaching plan created with frequent days of lower-depth sessions to assistance your body rejuvenate and be well prepared for the critical coaching sessions that make it possible for huge health and fitness gains. The next location of recovery entails an athlete’s way of life choices, with an emphasis on a great deal of rest and quality nutrition. The ultimate part of recovery involves modalities these as compression, therapeutic massage, and stretching. “I would not pay back also significantly notice to these,” mentioned Dixon, as their value pales in comparison to the initially two locations. “Get the initially two ideal and you will locate good consistency in coaching, experience much less tiredness accumulation, and be at significantly lower chance of personal injury. Not only will you be healthy, you will also be well prepared.”

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The Psychological Match

Mental training is part of being a successful triathlete.
Psychological coaching is part of staying a thriving triathlete. Photo: Getty Visuals

The mental part to endurance sporting activities can make or split your race day. Wrap your head around obtaining a optimistic mind-set ideal from the start off, regardless of the conclude result. In reality, races not often go 100 percent to plan, so it’s significant to keep in mind that each and every race is a stepping stone. The journey is what triathlon coaching and racing is actually all about—the day-to-day personalized problems and milestones, the persons you meet and the lessons learned together the way. And improved bodily health and fitness and top rated-notch race performances do not damage possibly.

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Novice Triathlon Fueling one hundred and one

An athlete takes in hydration as part of his beginner triathlon training.
Getting nutrition ideal is critical to results in your novice triathlon coaching. Photo: Getty Visuals

For endurance athletes, nutrition is equally significant both of those on and off the race class.

Racing and Teaching

A triathlon should really not be raced on drinking water by itself! Feeding on and hydrating effectively is critical to sustain quality coaching and to make sure gas in your tank on race day, recommended Magdalena Boulet, vice president of innovation, analysis, and growth at GU Strength Labs (and an Olympic marathoner). “For coaching sessions for a longer period than sixty minutes, exercise fueling and hydrating by taking in 200-300 energy per hour to supply electrical power and delay bonking,” Boulet mentioned. “The addition of branched chain amino acids can assistance reduce mental tiredness and lessen muscle harm. Smaller quantities of caffeine can increase general performance by rising aim and decreasing perceived effort and hard work all through exercising.” As a typical rule, Boulet endorses taking a single to two 100-calorie gels per hour with drinking water, as well as consuming a 21-ounce bottle of sporting activities consume to sustain suitable hydration position. In just 30 minutes of finishing a coaching session or race, focusing on reparation and restoration is critical. “Consume a recovery consume with a quality protein source that will assistance to inhibit muscle tissue breakdown and inspire muscle tissue make-up, as well as carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen shops. This is vital to staying equipped to start off your upcoming coaching session rejuvenated and in a recovered state,” Boulet mentioned.

On race day, you will have the possibility to use nutrition merchandise supplied on class or to carry your own—in drinking water bottles or a bento box on the bicycle and in a hydration belt, handheld bottle or your tri kit’s pockets on the operate. In typical, the much more liquid a gas source (imagine carbohydrate beverages or electrical power gels), the easier it will be to digest on the go and at race rate. Strength chews offer a different very easily digestible different for persons turned off by the texture of electrical power gel. Eventually, there is a highly specific factor to sporting activities nutrition dependent on what works greatest with your own body chemistry, digestive technique and taste buds, so trial and error in coaching is crucial. “Not a single recipe fits all, so good-tune your own suitable fueling protocol,” recommended Boulet.


Kim Schwabenbauer, a registered dietitian, stresses the value of good nutrition 24/7 to assist an athletic way of life. “The body cannot be expected to carry out at its peak day in and day out devoid of good hydration and nutrition,” Schwabenbauer mentioned. “Good dietary choices include forethought, arranging, and preparation, just like planning your health club bag or devices ahead of a huge day of coaching.” Her specialist suggestions for fueling ideal? “Shop the perimeter of the grocery retailer for minimally processed foodstuff, understand straightforward cooking preparations that keep vitamins devoid of adding more saturated fat these as steaming, broiling, baking or grilling, pay back notice to your fluid and foodstuff consumption in relation to how you come to feel all through the day, and after workout routines of an hour or much more in length, make absolutely sure to eat a combine of carbohydrates and protein these as chocolate milk, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or protein and fruit smoothie.”

Schwabenbauer advisable taking in lean protein all through the day, these as eggs or Greek yogurt for breakfast, nitrate-totally free deli meats, tuna or hummus at lunch and lean beef, turkey, hen or tofu and beans for evening meal. Carbohydrates—the No. 1 gas source for endurance athletes—should make up a quarter of your plate at each and every food (imagine complete-grain bread, cereal, oatmeal, wild rice, quinoa, barley or complete-grain pasta). Incorporate healthy fat for satiety these as avocado, olive oil, nuts, olives or peanut butter, and intention for 4 servings each and every of fruits and vegetables additionally lowfat dairy to spherical out a large-quality nutrition plan. “Athletes should really contain 50–60 percent of their full nutritional consumption as carbohydrates, 15–20 percent as protein and 20–35 percent as extra fat based on the time of yr, most well-liked choices and their section of coaching,” Schwabenbauer mentioned. “Focus much less on the amount of foodstuff you are taking in and much more on the quality of your foodstuff. If the quality increases, the information will adjust accordingly and you will eat much more antioxidants, come to feel fuller and have much more electrical power, which all supports your skill to swim, bicycle, operate and be healthy!”

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Do You Want a Mentor?

Having a coach can be helpful for triathletes at every level.
Owning a mentor can be beneficial for triathletes at just about every level. Photo: Getty Visuals

Using the services of a triathlon mentor is an incredible reward for these who can find the money for it, specifically as you just take on novice triathlon coaching. (Month-to-month service fees fluctuate commonly based on the level of coaching and experience level, but are typically $100+ per month). The upsides to obtaining a mentor are numerous, together with individualized triathlon coaching programs, general performance analysis, opinions, encouragement and—perhaps most importantly—advice on when to back again off and how to adjust for bumps in the street these as personal injury, health issues or unexpected scheduling conflicts. Never despair if you cannot find the money for a mentor, nonetheless. You are going to glean equivalent (if not really as individualized) assist and suggestions from clubs, groups, team coaching applications, mentors and specific coaching partners. There is also a prosperity of triathlon coaching and racing facts readily available on the web, in guides or in journals (glimpse for an considerable archive of workout routines and suggestions at Contemplate splurging on a coaching camp (a long weekend or a full week in an endurance-oriented locale) as a good way to kick-start off your season, as well as to meet new good friends and coaching partners. You could even locate that the specialist leading the camp is an individual you will want to employ as a a single-on-a single mentor down the street.

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Novice Triathlon Teaching Transition Communicate

Choose these recommendations and be absolutely sure to use them in your novice triathlon coaching!

1. Begin eradicating your wetsuit as you are exiting the swim, pulling it down to your waist whilst you are jogging. Pull off your cap and goggles, but be absolutely sure not to drop them for chance of a gear abandonment penalty.

2. When you arrive at your bicycle, eliminate the remainder of your wetsuit, put on your helmet and glasses, then your bicycle shoes (based on your ease and comfort level with the traveling mount, your bicycle shoes could by now be clipped into your pedals). Never overlook your race number belt if the race needs you to use it for the bicycle leg (examine the athlete facts packet for this rule).

three. Get on your bicycle at the specified mount line, or carry out a traveling mount if you have practiced this beneficial changeover skill.

4. Coming into T2, dismount at the specified line and operate with your bicycle to your changeover place (rehearse your route in and out of both of those transitions ahead of the race). Leave your helmet strapped right until you have racked your bicycle. Promptly swap your shoes, and seize your race belt, hat and any important nutrition, and operate out of T2 whilst you are putting on your race belt and stashing your nutrition into your pockets.

Transition Bag Checklist


  • Race kit (aka triathlon accommodate)
  • Wetsuit
  • Swim cap (generally provided by the race)
  • Goggles (bring tinted goggles for sunny situations, and it’s a superior strategy to have an more pair in your bag)
  • Timing chip and strap
  • Skin lubricant, these as Human body Glide (slather any place that could possibly be irritated by a seam or by pores and skin-on-pores and skin rubbing)
  • Sunscreen
  • Warm-up outfits
  • Pump
  • Pre-race nutrition
  • Latex or light cotton gloves (prevents micro-tears when pulling on your wetsuit from fingernails or also-really hard pulling)
  • Plastic luggage or old socks (put on your foot to assistance pull your wetsuit on)
  • Lip balm


  • Smaller towel (beneficial to dry off toes)
  • Bicycle shoes
  • Bicycle helmet
  • H2o bottle with sporting activities consume or drinking water, additionally any other on-the-bicycle nutrition
  • Sunglasses
  • Flat kit (on bicycle)


  • Race belt and bib
  • Nutrition/hydration
  • Operate shoes
  • Elastic shoelaces (to help save time by not tying your shoes)
  • Socks (if putting on)
  • Hat or visor


  • Protein-wealthy snack
  • Dry outfits and flip-flops
Athletes dive in after completing their beginner triathlon training program.
Athletes dive in to a sprint triathlon after finishing their novice triathlon coaching plan. Photo: Getty Visuals

Triathlon Distances

For most persons, “triathlon” and “that race in Hawaii” are synonymous–many have found glimpses of the annual broadcast of the Ironman Entire world Championships in Kailua-Kona, which can give viewers the impression that the activity is a extremely long, extremely grueling day of swim, bicycle, and operate. But Ironman is only a single of numerous race distances inside of the activity of triathlon. From the tremendous sprint to the ultra length, there is a triathlon length for anyone. We recommend beginning with a tremendous sprint, sprint, or Olympic and then operating your way up if that is your wish. Recall: you do not have to go long to be a competitive triathlete.

(Take note: distances can fluctuate, specifically in shorter races)

Super Sprint

Swim: 500 meters (.three mile)
Bicycle: 10K (6.2 miles)
Operate: 2.5K (1.6 miles)

How significantly time will I need to have to train for a tremendous sprint triathlon?
three-4 several hours per week

Super Sprint Teaching Program: Tackle Your 1st Triathlon


Swim: 750 meters (.46 mile)
Bicycle: 20K (twelve.4 miles)
Operate: 5K (three.1 miles)

How significantly time will I need to have to train for a sprint triathlon?
three-five several hours per week

Sprint Teaching Program: 8 Weeks to Your 1st Sprint Triathlon


Swim: 1.5K (.ninety three mile)
Bicycle: 40K (24.eight miles)
Operate: 10K (6.2 miles)

How significantly time will I need to have to train for an Olympic triathlon?
five-7 several hours per week

Olympic Teaching Program: Rock Your 1st Olympic Triathlon


Swim: 1.93K (1.2 miles)
Bicycle: 90K (56 miles)
Operate: 21K (thirteen.1 miles)

How significantly time will I need to have to train for an Olympic triathlon?
eight-thirteen several hours per week

Half Iron Teaching Program: 20 Week Teaching Program for Your 1st 70.three


Swim: three.9K (2.4 miles)
Bicycle: 180K (112 miles)
Operate: 42.2K (26.2 miles)

Some Parting Guidance for Novice Triathletes

To near out this novice triathlon coaching suggestions, we’ll refer to a popular report from Triathlete contributor Meredith Atwood.

One of the most frequent thoughts I am asked is: “What is your greatest suggestions for me—a novice triathlete?” To which I generally answer, “When I begun the activity, I was the dimension of a little whale. This irony was not misplaced on me when the greatest wetsuit for me was, in simple fact, an Orca manufacturer wetsuit. In that amazing instant, I learned to never ever just take myself also seriously. Which is my greatest advice—never just take on your own also seriously. We do this activity for fun. Extremely several of us are basically feeding our family members through swim, bicycle and operate.” (Read the rest of her report here.)

So decide on a race, have a plan, and then get prepared to have some fun. Welcome to the greatest activity ever!

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