All The Reasons You Should Stay Active: Benefits of Regular Exercise

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We are all familiar with how regular exercise is good for your health. The ideal situation is that we can all do regular physical activity that can help us stay healthy. It is possible for some, but most people still struggle with building a habit of regular exercise. It’s never too late to start! You can slowly build your habits until you can be more consistent with regular exercise. Start with having the right kind of mindset and boost your motivation. It will most likely help if you know the benefits of regular exercise.

Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise

Healthline defines exercise as “any movement that makes your muscles work and requires your body to burn calories.” It can include types of physical activity like jogging, dancing, swimming and others. The great thing about exercise is that anyone can experience its benefits. The health benefits of physical exercise is for all ages, shape, race, size and abilities. Learn about the benefits of regular exercise.

Regular Exercise Improves Your Well-being and Happiness

Physical activity and exercise triggers your body to release happy hormones and chemicals. These help you feel more relaxed and improve your mood. Exercise also taps your brain to regulate stress and anxiety through hormones like serotonin. The improvement you can feel in your mood does not even depend on workout intensity. No matter the intensity of your activity, there are less feelings that trigger anxiety or depression.

Physical Activity Makes Weight Management Easier

Managing your weight becomes harder when you are inactive or sedentary. Regular exercise helps to increase a person’s metabolic rate. This is a faster process than just dieting to reduce calorie intake. Regular exercise burns more calories and will help you to manage your weight better. If you plan to maintain your weight, you would need to burn calories equal to what you eat and drink. Losing weight means you will burn more calories than what you eat and drink.

Reduced Risk of Heart Diseases

Regular exercise helps you to strengthen and improve your heart and circulation activity. Better blood flow leads to higher oxygen levels that your body needs. This can eventually help you lower the chance of getting heart diseases. Some examples of diseases you can avoid are high cholesterol and coronary artery disease. You can see healthier levels of blood pressure and triglyceride.

Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Blood sugar and insulin levels can be managed by exercise as well. Lowering the risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes is a benefit of regular exercise. Regular exercise can also help those with these diseases to manage their health better.

Stronger Bones and Muscles

Exercise helps release hormones that boost the building and maintaining of muscles and bones. Weight lifting is one activity that effectively builds muscles when combined with protein intake. The hormones released helps the muscles absorb amino acids better. This is very helpful for older people. As a person ages, they tend to have weaker muscle mass and function, which makes activities harder. Regular exercise helps slow down the weakening of muscles.

Better and Longer Energy Levels

If you need a quick energy boost, exercise! Even those who are experiencing mental health challenges can benefit from regular exercise. Those with chronic fatigue syndrome can have better energy levels with regular exercise.

Sharper Memory and Improved Brain Health

Exercise can also help our thinking skills and memory. As you exercise, you increase your heart rate. This in turn, boosts the flow of blood and oxygen around the body, including to the brain. More brain cells are also produced as hormones aid faster growth and development. A specific part of the brain, called the hippocampus, grows in size due to exercise. This part is in charge of memory and learning. This also assists better mental function for older adults.

Sounder Sleep and Relaxation

It might seem ironic but regular exercise helps your body to sleep better and recover more energy. The increase in your body temperature during exercise helps your body drop its temperature at sleep. Many studies have correlated regular exercise and aerobic activity to better sleep.

Your body is constantly building and repairing itself. Exercise helps your body to carry out functions much better. There is no doubt that there are many benefits of regular exercise.

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